Our Backyard Farm

on half an acre of land

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Turkeys for sale/trade

Our turkeys are listed on craigslist for sale or trade. It’s time for them to move on. We do not have the freezer space to send them all to freezer camp. They are all over 20 pounds with the exception of the hen (we think it’s a girl).

craigslist ad:



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Sadness on the farm

We noticed that the turkeys were reaching maturity by the change in color on their heads and they were also “puffing” up more. Then about three days ago we noticed the three tom turkeys ganging up on Mr. Rooster. They kept getting in fights, with Mr. Rooster always seeming to be the winner.

Yesterday the turkeys cornered Peepers, attacked and killed him.

RIP Peepers

Today we noticed that Mr. Rooster is limping. I cannot find a wound on him anywhere so I’m hoping that he sprained something and will mend. For now we are keeping him in a hospital pen in the run with the flock. This will limit his mobility but he’ll still be with his flock.

chilling out with R

As soon as we free up some freezer space the turkeys are going to freezer camp and some will be given to neighbors!