Our Backyard Farm

on half an acre of land

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It’s a Coop and more updates

DH is building a coop in the back and it’s turning out much better than we thought. He has an endless supply of pallets at his old work and we are using them. He raised the coop off the ground and is using the pallets for the floor, walls and roof. Siding we are still deciding on. The floor is going to have hardware cloth stapled to it, on top of that will be plywood and on top of that will be linoleum which will then be covered in bedding. He is building nest boxes on the side and all will have animal proof locks, probably padlocks. Under the coop in the middle (where it will be protected from rain/wind) will be where we dump our ash from our fire-pit and our fireplace.

The little one that I was concerned about is fine now. After getting a couple doses of pedialyte he was up and running.

Then we have the bigger chicks who are big enough that they are spending time on the branch and flapping their lil’ wings.




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The beginning of the dream

This is not exactly what our dream is but it is a great start to it.

This is how the yard currently looks without any “fixing” up. I’m standing by the gate to come onto the property. I could go back about five feet to be up against the gate. The pictures start from the left and go over the yard to the left. The last picture is in the back where we plan to move the chicks once they have feathers and where the coop will be located.

HUGE ant nest we have to get rid of

This is the area (directly in front of the dog playpen) where we plan to put the garden. We also plan to use Topsy Turvys to grow strawberries and tomatoes. We might have to use the ol’ pallet garden due to time constraints.