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Silkie Chick Update

The silkie chicks are growing and now have names. We picked names that are gender neutral but we think that Twitch is a boy, Charlie is a girl, Aval is a girl, and Max is a boy.

Chick 1 – Buff with vaulted skull. We call him Twitch because he has an odd twitch to his head. We think it was because of a peck to the head by his “siblings” about four days after we brought them home. He is the one that is starting to get red in the comb. He is banded blue.

Chick 2 – Buff with Vaulted Skull. Charlie is banded green. It looks like I am squeezing his neck but I promise I am not.

  Chick 3 – Buff chick with vaulted skull. Aval is banded pink Chick 4 – White chick no vaulted skull. Max is not banded.