Our Backyard Farm

on half an acre of land

More sadness on the farm

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We lost Morticia a.k.a. Baby Kitty last night. We are all heartbroken over her loss but have her babies to keep her legacy alive.


The necropsy report states: Cat was spayed at XXXXXXX spay station 9/26. This morning she was acting differently and vocalizing; owner found her deceased this afternoon. Her skin incisions and abdominal incisions were intact. A large amount of free blood was found in the abdomen (150 ml + several large clots). The right pedicle appeared to be knotted back on its self and the knot was intact. There was no knot or ligature associated with the left pedicle, and a large blood clot extending from the pedicle down to the uterine stump. There was a single ligature around the uterine stump that appeared intact. The other abdominal organs appeared normal”.


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