Our Backyard Farm

on half an acre of land

This is a story of a pullet.

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This is Lola

She’s a feisty girl and loves her food. She loves being in the front yard more than in the backyard run. She would lay in the nest box but no egg. She tired and practiced for weeks. We encouraged her and so did the other pullets by signing the egg song.

Even Mr. Rooster helped out by singing the egg song along with them.

Finally after weeks of practice we found

It was a small egg but it was perfect. The shell wasn’t to thick or to thin. Just really a perfect little egg. We were all so proud of her and waiting for the next egg. I even posted on the egg song thread all about her first egg! She was very sporadic about her laying though. We would find maybe one egg a week from her while the others were laying every day.

Lola has a thing for our shed in the front yard. It is where we store bales of straw and alpha. Today we could not find her in the back run so we checked the shed.

There she was

We tried to move her off the nest but she pecked us and no amount of treats would make her budge. So we left her to her egg laying business (we hoped) and checked back in a couple of hours.

This is what we found

She has been hiding her eggs!

I think that Lola has told the other girls about her hiding spot and they are laying there as well because of the different color of the eggs.


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