Our Backyard Farm

on half an acre of land

How we raise baby chicks

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We got our babies from two sources. One is a co-worker who has a small farm and raises several different types of animals, one of which is chickens. We got 10 Barred Rock’s from him several of which where one day old and a couple of older ones. The other ten we got from TSC and we got a variety of them. At least four of them are pullets, the rest are a guess.

My co-worker raises his chicks on sphagnum peat moss and so we set up our brooder to mimic what they are doing. I don’t know that we will do it again but for now it is what we have and the chicks are doing very well. The BR chicks taught the TSC chicks to scratch and peck their food. They seem to eat better when we sprinkle the food directly on the moss rather than them eating it from the feeder directly, although they will eat from it.

The chicks are eating a starter grower feed and have fresh water (changed several times a day) daily. One of the chicks was getting pedialyte for the first 24 hours due to him not being as robust as the other chicks but he is much better.

Our brooder is an old Ferret Nation cage that is two stories. We put the chicks on the bottom, cover the outside of the cage with a sheet, cover the tray with sphagnum peat moss, cover the hole in the corner with puppy pads and put two half-size egg cartons there with food in them, water in one corner, bigger feeder in another corner and have a branch that goes across the cage for when they are ready to try to roost.

The playpen is a doggy playpen that has puppy pad under it. We put in the feeder in there with a log but no water. For now they are only in there for a couple of minutes at a time due to them needing the heat lamp still.

We had these guys/gals for a couple of days and we never hear any loud peeps out of them, except when we move them to the playpen and back. I hear a lot of “content” cheeps though.


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